[Classic JAV]Peach to Anne-Summer is the Sea, Sea is the Nampa-

Since it was a video taken in 1986, is it the age of Miporin (Miho Nakayama) at its height. The last cut of Seiko's cut makes me feel the remnants of the era.In addition to aokan at the beach, there are also entanglements in the bath, 3P scenes at the inn, and the editing is somewhat strange, but in general it is a good work with good movie quality.

[Asian Amateur Porn] Korean student couple (with extra)

Probably a young couple with a Korean student. I thought it was a hidden shot for a moment, but a personal shot with the camera fixed.Is it home? A simple room with almost nothing except a stupid big bed. The movie quality is quite high and the girls are good. The highlights are scenes of cowgirl and face-to-face sitting. Recommended for people who like this kind of couple.