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In 1985, she made a shocking AV debut with "D-CUP Bishoujo Sister L", a change from a customs lady in Nagoya. It was said that the content had such an impact that Kenji Otsuki wrote "Kurofune invasion" in the book.Although this work is not a SM insult work like "Sister L", it is a masterpiece with a tight bust of a young age, a beautifully shaved pussy, a small ass, and a triple beat.

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A beautiful breasts girl who enjoys photography in her swimsuit. she looks like a gravure idol because her style is good and her face is also good.Sex in the second half. The view from the back is the best because the buttocks are tight and with beautiful breasts!there is intense grind while disturbing the hair at the cowgirl position. The last is cum shot at the normal position.